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The planet is now in panic mode to save the Atmosphere, the Seas & of course the people. The greatest worry to all is the amount of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by the likes if internal combustion engines and the general output of emissions from industry. No one discusses the amount of CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by Homo sapien & all other living breathing things.

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The in thing happens to be Wind Turbines & Solar Panels that are expensive to produce and the maintenance on Wind Turbines is very high. But there is another way of producing electricity and that is water as the prime mover of a water turbine, the water can be any kind as the driver and if sea water then attach a desalination plant to the after drive area to produce irrigation water, no more DROUGHT. How much CO2 to atmosphere from a water powered electricity source?

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In many areas of the world we come across old water mills that have been used to grind corn,wheat, barley and some have been restored to original condition but why grind corn or cereals when it is possible to attach a geared power end from an old wind turbine??? Great combination of old and new to benefit the community.

Eco Tech-Ancient - Even in the Thames

A kind of Archimedes-Screw producing power at a fairly constant rate, a truly low-tech way of producing electricity for a low use area. Why use a Nuclear Station when water turbine systems can be scattered all over the country and still look as though they are part of the landscape. So many variations that cost a minmal amount of cash to manufacture and not cost $500,000.00 a year to maintain!

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