Water Power Can Reduce Drought WorldWide

Future Green Power is NOT Wind or Solar but Water!!

 2018 has seen some extraordinary weather patterns World-Wide with soaring temperatures and minimal rain. Farmers and governments even have started to worry about #Climate Change# and how to manage the damaging outputs of CO² and other pollutants to atmosphere. Some 70% of the earth is water and we use little to produce power yet not only will water reduce pollution it will be able to produce water for irrigation and drinking by using what we have available.

Over the past 40 years the environment has been always in the news whether it be from an Oil Tanker that has been wrecked and bleeding crude oil into the oceans or the Factory Chimney that has been spewing forth a chemical compound that will hurt us all. Materials that we used throughout the industrial revolution and processes we thought were safe have been found to cause actual harm from infants to elderly adults.

Over these last years many organisations have sprung up to protect the environment for man and beast with the aim of preventing the planet from becoming so dangerous that man may cease to exist in the not too distant future. One of the main concerns has been the fuels needed to generate electricity to compliment our needs as a modern society, though not all societies are equal when it comes to environment. Atmospheric pollution caused by industry and power-stations has been at the forefront of late and as fossil fuels are replaced by more and more expensive ways of producing electricity then more and more expensive minerals have to be mined to get the pollution free environment. From the fossil fuels of Gas, Coal, Oil we also produce many items needed for today’s society, however they have become the target of every #Green Organisation# in the world.

Windmills and Solar Panels are their preferred method of generating electricity and water is more or less ignored as a truly beneficial way of producing environmental friendly electricity. Using SEA WATER to drive a water turbine allows the spent flow to be directed to a DESALINATION PLANT to produce water to irrigate crops or turn desserts into agricultural plains, from the desal plant the irrigation ready water can be directed to REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANT to give drinking water. This huge benefit can not be sourced from windmills or solar panels. The Future is water powered even down to generating power for cars, trucks, lorries and trains it will also have a practical use on ocean going ships as water powered generators.

We Need CLEAN Power

We use fossil fuels to generate electrical power and that is being replaced by so called RENEWABLE ENERGY such as Windmills and Solar Power but these two systems are expensive to maintain and life expectancy is limited. The best alternative is WATER but for some reason big business seems to block volume use of water power. The closest the Wind Mills have got to water is the Off-Shore sites which are very dangerous and costly to maintain. Building the supply vessels is also a very expensive method of maintaining the off-shore wind farms.

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